There Is A Good Way To Improve The Safety Of Nc Boring And Milling Machine

- Jun 13, 2018 -

When we carry out the operation, many departments will give the operator the training before the operation, but in fact, it is to lay a foundation for the safety operation of nc boring and milling machine. So what are the issues that we should all be aware of? Let me tell you about it. The safe operation technology of nc boring and milling machine includes ten points. The specific content is as follows for reference only.

1. The staff of nc boring and milling machine must be trained to work, familiar with the performance and operation sequence of nc boring and milling machine.

2. Before starting the machine, check the CNC boring and milling machine according to the oil mark in the lubricating oil diagram and the daily inspection table.

3. Check whether the parameters such as tool compensation, machine tool zero and workpiece zero are correct before driving.

4. Before processing, check whether the machining procedure of nc boring and milling machine is correct, and carry out machine test run. The cutting process can be carried out after the lubrication, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and digital display systems are ensured to be normal.

5. After the CNC boring and milling machine enters the processing operation according to the procedure, the staff shall not touch the workpiece, tool and drive parts, and shall not transfer or take the tool through the rotating part of the machine tool.

6. When adjusting the machine tool, mounting the workpiece, measuring dimensions and wiping the CNC boring and milling machine, it must stop.

7. Do not use hand to directly remove iron scrap, use special cleaning tools.

8. Tools or other items are not allowed to be placed on electrical appliances, operating cabinets and protective covers.

9. If any abnormal situation or alarm signal is found during the operation of nc boring and milling machine, the machine shall stop immediately, and relevant personnel shall check it.

10. The CNC boring and milling machine is under continuous processing condition, and the operator is strictly prohibited to leave the machine.

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